03 Mar 2015
Dream Car

This product is simply the ‘kiddycar’ that you would find there is always kids playing happily when their parents allowed them to play and give them the coin to play. Recreation Dynasty could either rent or sell this product to you. There are a lot of choices for you and press the button below to […]

01 Mar 2015

This product is always existed in most of the funfairs and any other events going on for keeping the kids busy while their parents are working. This product not only helps the parents to be able to focus, but also could bring joy to the kids.Recreation Dynasty could either rent or sell this product to […]

01 Mar 2015
bump car

This product is always been the kids and the teenagers’ love. This product allows them to ride on the product and crash into each others. This will not only allow them to release their stress, it will also help them to gain deeper bonds in each other.Recreation Dynasty could either rent or sell this product […]

27 Feb 2015
Magic Cup

This machine is token orientated. This machine involves the players to choose one of the three cups that they think the token will appear at. If the player guessed correctly, they get the multiple of three of amount of tokens back, if not, they lose the amount of tokens they inserted.